Fishing on the New River


Best Fishing Baits to use on New River

Love fishing? Then, New River may be just the right place for this type of interesting activities. New River may not be as famous as any other rivers in the world. However, it is known to a lot of people as a very good place for fishing smallmouth bass and many other fishes. So, how can New River fishing be a successful one? The following will discuss the best fishing baits to use in New River.

But wait, before anything else, here is a list of the different fishes that anglers can expect to catch when doing New River fishing. One of the most abundant fish in New River is the smallmouth bass, but there are also other types of bass that can be found here such as rock, striped, and largemouth bass. There are catfishes here as well like the channel and flathead catfish. Moreover, there are also crappie, carp, walleye, bluegill, and muskellunge.

Now, this is it. New River fishing will be a successful one if a person knows the best fishing baits to use in fishing. Well, the most effective fishing bait is hellgrammites. Hellgrammites are effective for nearly all types of fishes in New River, especially that these are in fact abundant in the said river. Because of this, fishermen are able to catch live baits right on the spot before fishing larger fishes.

Hellgrammites have an average life-span of 2-5 years. They are usually found under the rocks near the banks and most especially in rocks near fast-flowing water. They are mostly colored black and gray and colored yellow at times. Catching and handling these live baits entails with great care.

Aside from hellgrammites, there are lots of other live baits to choose from for catching different types of fishes. One of these is night crawlers. Just like hellgrammites, night crawlers can be used as bait for fishing different kinds of bass such as rock, striped, largemouth, and smallmouth. Moreover, other live baits that can be used are the minnows and crayfish. Minnows are effective for fishing walleyes and catfishes. And, crayfish can be used for catching catfishes as well.

Though live baits are the most effective baits for New River fishing, there are artificial baits that can be used as well. The popular artificial baits are top-water crank baits, twister tail grub, spinner baits, and jigs. The bright colored lures are to be used in clear water, while dark-colored lures are for muddy waters. Also, it is an excellent choice to utilize top water lures when fishing late in the evening.

Apart from live hellgrammites and night crawlers, rock bass, which is an aggressive biter, are also attracted to crank-baits and twister-tail grub. Furthermore, walleye, channel catfish, and flathead catfish can be caught using jigs and crank-baits as well. For a deeper fishing, a combination of jigs, which is an artificial bait; and minnow, which is a live bait can also be used to catch walleye. For catching a muskellunge, a very effective artificial bait that anglers can use is the top-water crank baits.

There are really lots of fishing baits to choose from. The ones mentioned above are the best and most effective baits for anglers to use on New River. Indeed, New River fishing will not only be a successful one but a very memorable one with the help of these best fishing baits.